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5 stars

Illuminate (Gilded Wings #1) – Aimee Agresti


Haven Terra is a brainy, shy high school outcast. But everything changes when she is awarded a prestigious internship at a posh Chicago hotel under the watchful eyes of a group of gorgeous strangers: the powerful and alluring hotel owner Aurelia Brown; her second-in-command, the dashing Lucian Grove; and their stunning but aloof staff of glamazons called The Outfit.

As Haven begins falling for Lucian, she discovers that these beautiful people are not quite what they seem. With the help of a mysterious book, she uncovers the evil agenda of Aurelia and company: they’re in the business of buying souls. Will they succeed in wooing Haven to join them in their recruitment efforts, or will she be able to thwart this devilish set’s plans to take the souls of her classmates on prom night at the hotel?


This book has gotten VERY mixed reviews but here is my take…
I loved it and found it to be a very “tame” relative of The Devil’s Advocate with a little early Buffy thrown in.

This first book is very description heavy and can be a little slow and repetitive but it was worth it. I thought it was worth the patience and besides that I love story rich books.
The author is very good at descriptions and making you feel like you know EXACTLY what something or someone looks like.  It is a dark, mysterious and dangerous story.

I felt like the story was very wall thought out and paced relatively well.

I think “Haven” showed great growth throughout the book as well as her friends.
I absolutely fell for “Lance” and the description that he is a Clark Kent type. I am still not sure how I feel about “Lucian”.

The skill in imagery she used added a lot of depth which was fantastic.

I would love to see this brought to screen. If they could do it in imagery heavy Devil’s Advocate they could certainly do it with this book and in this day and age they could make it beautifully dark and somewhat whimsical.

I would recommend for teens and up…I don’t remember any language and there was no sex.

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Untitled (Release Date: March 2014)


Random Post

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This is just a random post with a video of Neil Gaiman reading Green Eggs and Ham.  He did this because Patrick Rothfuss’s (author of The Kingkiller Chronicles) charity “Worldbuilders” hit a stretch goal of $500,00 and this was Neil’s “thank you” for everyone who donated 🙂  I hope you enjoy and share with all the geeks and nerds in your life.

If you have ever wanted to see an award winning sci-fi/fantasty author read Dr. Seuss, here is your chance and it is amazing!!

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I started a fanpage on facebook where book lovers everywhere can come together discuss, recommend and review books they are reading.  Come by and “like” the page!



See you in the next chapter 🙂

covet 2

Crave (A Novel of the Fallen Angels #2) – J.R. Ward


Isaac Rothe is a black ops soldier with a dark past and a grim future. The target of an assassin, he finds himself behind bars, his fate in the hands of his gorgeous public defender Grier Childe. His hot attraction to her can only lead to trouble-and that’s before Jim Heron tells him his soul is in danger. Caught up in a wicked game with the demon who shadows Jim, Isaac must decide whether the soldier in him can believe that true love is the ultimate weapon against evil.


I enjoyed the 2nd book a lot.  It took me a little bit to get into it because you kind of get attached to the characters from the first book.  Each book in this series is a different set of characters except for the fallen angels who are war-ing over their souls.  I didn’t feel like this book was as fast paced as the first but it was a very good story.  I could relate better to these characters and I really felt their passion and hunger for each other.

Recommended for adults who like romance and fallen angels.  There is pervasive language and sexual situations.

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keeper 1

5 stars

The Keeper (Guardian Series #2) – Lynnie Purcell


Clare has woken up in the desert with no memory of her past and no true direction, beyond the impulse to walk west.

With no clue to the trouble circling her, Clare is headed right where Odette wants her. To add to her a problems, an angel keeps trying to kill her, a Watcher named Jasmine wants to control her, and her only clue to understanding the future is to find a city that does not exist.


I can not begin to tell you how much I love this series and the previous Watcher series!  I have become obsessed with these characters!  Lynnie Purcell has such a great gift for storytelling.  I love every character she has created.

The wit in these books (as well as the Watcher Series) is just fantastic.  I have not felt that even one of these books has been filler.  Everything has had a purpose and the storyline has been very well planned and keeps your attention.

The only thing I have to complain about is that I wish there was more passion between “Daniel” and “Clare” and that really isn’t horrible for me.  I do however love the fact that the two characters do not feel the need to have to qualify/quantify their relationship every other page.  They are very comfortable and secure with each other and that is really refreshing.  A lot of books now-a-days seem to always have the two main characters who can’t trust the other to really be in love but Lynnie has managed to keep their relationship strong, independant, respectful of each other and never questioning.

I recommend this series for anyone who is a YA fan, Nephilim fan, supernatural romance fan or just a fan of great storytelling!  I can’t really remember any language so if there was it was minor and not pervasive.


List of Books in Order:

The Hunter (Guardian Series #1)

The Keeper (Guardian Series #2)

The Hunter Review

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I know I haven’t posted in a couple of days.  I was taking a little break after “Ender’s Game” (book hangover, LOL) but I am getting ready to start reading “Boundless” (Unearthly #3) so hopefully I will have a review for you in a day or so 🙂


fallen 4

3 stars

The Fallen and Leviathan (#1-2) – Thomas Sniegoski


On his eighteenth birthday, Aaron begins to hear strange voices and is convinced he is going insane. But having moved from foster home to foster home, Aaron doesn’t know whom he can trust. He wants to confide in the cute girl from class, but fears she’ll confirm he’s crazy.

Then a mysterious man begins following Aaron. He knows about Aaron’s troubled past and his new powers. And he has a message for Aaron: As the son of a mortal and an angel, Aaron has been chosen to redeem the Fallen.

Aaron tries to dismiss the news and resists his supernatural abilities. But he must accept his newfound heritage — and quickly. For the dark powers are gaining strength, and are hell-bent on destroying him….


Ok, so it took me awhile to read all of this book.  I am not sure why, I just couldn’t get into it.  First off, it is written in the third person (which I really have a hard time with).  Although the use of this mode of narration is very handy because you get to feel ALL characters feelings and hear their thoughts but that also cause the book to jump around A LOT.  It didn’t just jump around at each chapter, it jumps at random points and it makes it a little hard to follow.

The way it jumps around makes it hard for me to convey the pace of the book as well because some of the jumps happen in the past and some jump to another character who has some “down time”.

Another thing that bothered me was how the angels/nephilim could talk to animals.  I know that seems like such a small thing but it really felt like I was reading Dr. Doolittle, maybe that was just me but it kind of felt cheesy.  I really wanted this to be fantastic, the cover is what grabbed my attention.

Even after reading the first book I am still not sure what the arc of the story is.

I love fallen angel stories but this one just did not grab me.  I will try to continue the series but I make no promises.  I hate not finishing a series but reading one that takes me days and days to complete each book is like torture.

List of Books in Order:

The Fallen (Fallen and Leviathan #1-2)

End of Days (Fallen #3)

Forsaken (Fallen #4)

Armageddon (Fallen #5)