Ender’s Game MOVIE

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Movies, Random Posts
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I went to see Ender’s Game in the theater yesterday and I just want to say that I was disappointed.  I know it’s always a bad idea to read a book BEFORE you see a movie but I didn’t know they were making the movie when I read it.

I was disappointed in the character development in the movie.  There was no building of the important relationships from the book.  There was no detail in how Ender became “friends” with some of the important characters like “Bean”.  I enjoyed how the book had Ender learn the specific skills that secondary character had and how he could use them.  There was none of that in the movie.  The movie never had Ender really broken down by bullying, seclusion, ect. which is what built his character into who he was.

I was also disappointed that they forwent the importance of the Mind Game Ender played in the book and how that related to reality.

The movie just fell flat for me.  While they did follow the book, it just glossed over a lot.  This movie could have been epic had they split it into 2 movies and filled it with much more detail and drama.

Ahh well you can’t have everything…a great book and a great movie to go with it 🙂

FYI…I do not agree with Orson Scott Card’s personal views, just simply loved the book.

  1. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks epic! Didn’t know it was based on a book though… gonna have to check it out.

    • jjjernigan1 says:

      I highly recommend watching the movie first and then reading the book! There is soooo much more to the book than the movie and I was disappointed since I read the book first. The book is AMAZING though 🙂

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