mortal 6


Mortal (Soul Guardians #6)- Kim Richarson

May Contain Spoilers


As Kara settles back into the world of the living, she gets an unexpected surprise and finds herself back in Horizon—the Legion has given her a second chance. Kara and her friends face a new enemy: a Dark warlock, an ancient and evil adversary of the Legion.

What’s worse, the Legion orders Kara to carry out her new mission undercover, as someone she never expected…


I enjoyed this book and the series as a whole.  There were a few things that I wish could have been different (the fact that “Kara” and “David” NEVER admit their feelings is very irritating) and the spelling/grammar still needs work but overall this book was fast paced and kept my attention the entire time.  They did not spend a whole lot of time in Horizon in this book, most of it was spent on Earth which was a nice change of pace.  I did miss the interactions with the elevator operators though 🙂

I liked the fact that the author kept “Kara” mortal for the entire story.  It gave a completely different feeling since “Kara” could show her emotions as a mortal (which she should have expressed more freely).  Seeing as how when she was a Guardian she could not blush and there was no pounding heartbeats to relay what she was feeling when she was with “David”.  It is a hard thing to get across when you take physical reactions out of the equation.

Overall this is a great series but the personal interactions could have been better and more developed.

Be aware that it is left open for continuation but if it does not continue then it still ends well.

I would recommend this for any teenager/young adult…there is only minor language and some of the scenes killing demons are a little graphic but not overly so or so much as to cause nightmares.

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