Netherworld (Soul Guardians #4)

Posted: May 28, 2013 in 4 Stars, Paranormal, Supernatural Teen Romance

mortal 4


Netherworld (Soul Guardians #4) – Kim Richardson


Kara had only just begun to enjoy her life as a mortal with David—when they are pulled back suddenly into the world of the supernatural. The Legion has made an important discovery: a new Elemental child, whose whereabouts are unknown. Kara immediately prepares herself for battle, and comes face to face with the evil Seirs—a group of mortals devoted to the Netherworld.

What’s worse, someone close to her is taken. Kara and her friends embark on another dangerous journey to seek out this child. But is this being really an Elemental—or something else entirely?


I was slightly disappointed with this book because I feel if “David” and “Kara” are so in love, soul mates, there should be more emotions between them.  There is nothing and it leaves me feeling as though they are only good friends.  There should be more passion, more stealing kisses when no one is looking, ect.  It is a little irritating.

The other thing that was a little disappointing was that it felt like “Kara” was along for the ride and only reacting to the things that were happening and not taking the lead to be the heroine she is supposed to be.

It is still a good continuation of the story but in someways it feels like the next episode in a tv series…kind of like in Charmed, how there was always something bigger and badder than the last bad guy.

On to the next!

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