die for me 1

3 stars

Die For Me (Revenants #1) – Amy Plum


I have to say that I am enjoying this series.  It is a very easy read at a steady pace. I finished book #1 in one night.  It is not overly exciting but it is a great story line.

I only have a couple of complaints but they are not deal breakers.

First…the main character “Kate” is not your typical strong heroine.  She is a human who has fallen for a “Revenant” named “Vincent”.  She is a little more demure than I like my main characters to be.

A “Revenant” is kind of like the undead/zombie/ghost but not really.  It’s kind of difficult to explain.  They are immortal beings that have a compulsion to die in place of humans.  They save their lives.  In return, they live forever.  If their original death occurs at the age of 17 then everytime they die afterward, they revert to that age.

Second…there is SOME conflict in the story with an opposite faction. “Revenants” save lives, “Numa” takes lives.  The “Numa” leader is named “Lucien” and he has apparently been “Vincent’s” nemesis for a VERY long time.  It just seemed to me that if this hatred between them has been going on for a LONG time and if it was as bad as “Vincent” made it out to be then it would be an extremely hard battle.  It just seemed to be way to easy and it made me wonder why it had taken decades to overcome the threat.  I think the author could have fleshed out the conflicts better and made them more epic.

The story is far more about the romantic relationship problems and how “Kate” and “Vincent” can overcome the issues of immortal and mortal.  It is very well thought out and you can identify with them easily.  It’s easy to put yourself in “Kate’s” shoes because I think everyone has, at some point, been interested in someone who might not be good for them.

It does remind me a little of Twilight (I never read the books and I probably never will, I just saw the movies)

If you are looking for an easy read or are looking for something for your teens then give this a try.  I don’t remember any bad words (at least in this first book) and there is only light kissing.

Books In Order:

Die For Me

Until I Die

If I Should Die

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