Evanescent (The Countenance Trilogy Book #2)

Posted: May 22, 2013 in 4 Stars, Nephilim, Paranormal, Supernatural Teen Romance
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ephemeral 2


Evanescent (Countenance Trilogy Book #2)- Addison Moore

If you have seen my review of the first book (Ephemeral) you know that I was very confused and a little irritated that the main character “Laken” was a little too willing to rollover when anyone gives her any kind of explanation.

This book continues to follow “Laken” as she is continuing to infiltrate the Countenance’s inner workings.  She is still in love with “Wes” but she is also in love with “Coop”.  She is manipulating “Wes” with the help of “Coop” and “Fletcher”.  “Laken” has her secrets and she is trying her hardest to keep them from “Wes” which is becoming more difficult.

First let me say, I am glad I kept reading.  It takes a little getting used to because Addison Moore takes a different writting style.  In the second book each chapter is from one of the 3 main characters point of view…”Laken”, “Wes” and “Coop”.  It was very satisfying to to be able to hear each ones thoughts.   It gives you the feeling that you are omniscient.  I felt the 2nd book was fleshed out much better and “Laken” finally decides to step up.

There is still alot bullying from some of the other girls which is kind of irritating.  The behavior is just way over the top, which I can not identify with.  It ultimately just makes you hate those secondary characters.

The pace of the book is great, I never felt like it was dragging.  Questions do get answered and some new questions pop up (but they are good questions 🙂 ).

I still can’t imagine some of the places that are described which I think probably could have been done better and the fact that there are so many different places makes it difficult.

Overall, I feel the 2nd book was sooo much better than the 1st and I can’t wait for the 3rd book to be released (which is supposedly coming late 2013).

If you enjoy paranormal young adult romance then give it a try.  If you are looking for something for your teens to read, keep in mind that there is language and some graphic sexual situations.

ephemeral 3


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