Posted: May 12, 2013 in 3 Stars, Paranormal
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Grave Minder 1

3 stars

Graveminder (Melissa Marr)

I had a hard time with this book, not just with this one but with any book that is not a series.  I am much more used to full stories that take several books to wrap up.  That being said, I enjoyed the story, it was dark, entertaining and creative even though it felt rushed and a little bare.

Rebekkah is inexplicably pulled back to her hometown no matter where in the country she lives.  She returns to her hometown after her grandmother is murdered.  She soon finds out that she is what is called a grave minder.  A woman who performs rituals graveside to keep the dead from rising.  She inherited these duties through her family line.  When the dead start rising she must find a way to lay them to rest before they destroy the town.

The story is very original and entertaining.  It is an easy read although hard to identify with any character.  The most interesting part was Melissa’s take on the world of the dead.  It was fascinating.  It was nice for once for a story to allow the heroine access to another dimension freely even though it could come at a price.

This is kind of hard to explain but here goes: Rebekkah’s character always made me think that she never smiled and that was hard to get over.  When i pictured her in my head she always had her brows furrowed and her mouth set in a thin line.

I would recommend this if you are looking for an easy read.

grave minder 2

*Rebekkah quote


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