Trylle Series

Posted: May 11, 2013 in 3 Stars, Supernatural Teen Romance
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trylle series

3 stars

Trylle Series (Amanda Hocking)

An unconventional series about a girl, Wendy, who is a troll but not a troll by our standards.  Trolls are a race of people hiding by choice who also have abilities like, psychokinesis, premonition or elemental.  They are close to nature and are very picky eaters…they only like natural foods, nothing processed.

Wendy’s story is about her finding out her heritage, that she is in fact a troll and not just any troll but a changling that was left in the place of a human baby.  She is in the center of a centuries old war between the Trylle and Vittra.  Her mother is the Queen of the Trylle, making Wendy the princess.  It is also about a race that is dying out both population wise and also their abilities are no longer strong.  The abilities are becoming watered down versions but Wendy is one of the last who is exceptionally strong who must stop the Vittra as well as follow the Queen’s wishes.

I gave this series 3 stars because it is a fantastic idea for a story and it was entertaining but it seemed like every time you learn anything about their history it doesn’t go too in depth.  I felt like it was being glossed over.  The other thing that really bothered me is how no one wanted to give Wendy any information.  It was very frustrating to keep hearing her ask questions and the only answers she got was “It’s not my place to tell you” or “Do not worry yourself with that”.

The pace of the book was good but the storyline could’ve been fleshed out a little more.  Also, the attempt at a love triangle, which I don’t know if you could call it a triangle, was not very well conceived…Wendy and Finn (who doesn’t show emotion but like 4 times the entire series and keeps pushing her away yet Wendy kept trying) & Wendy and Tove (not really a love interest but I don’t want to spoil anything) & Wendy and Loki (who was perfect…funny, sarcastic, attractive and available)

It was just certain aspects left me flat and others were very engaging.

If you like teen paranormal romance, magic, female heroines and a very easy read then give it a shot.  There is nothing wrong with reading an o.k book as long as you are reading 🙂

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  1. covertocoverchick says:

    I am currently finishing up The Clockwork Princess, and I am looking for another book to start and this series seems interesting. I might have to start these next. Thanks!

    • jjjernigan1 says:

      Clockwork was awesome! 🙂 I’d say go for it…it’s a very easy read especially if you are just looking for a little entertainment. Also, if you like the Nephilim/Angel stories you should read The Watchers Series by Lynnie Purcell (if you haven’t already)…those were fantastic


      • covertocoverchick says:

        Thanks! I haven’t tried the Watchers. I do like those kind of stories too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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